Meet Our Founder

Kalén & Rose was born from the passion of our founder, Taylor Conrad, during her transformative path to becoming a certified herbalist. Faced with her mother's breast cancer diagnosis, Taylor embarked on a journey to uncover the hidden toxins lurking within the everyday products she once trusted. Driven by her own struggles with severe food sensitivities and a decade-old back injury, she dedicated herself to discovering natural remedies to nurture her body and reclaim her health.

A Word From Our Owners

We want to have the biggest impact, as a brand, on people's lives leaving the smallest footprint on the earth. If it’s not right for the earth or our customers, it’s not right for us. All of our products are hand-poured in small batches. If we don't absolutely love it, we don't launch it.

Our products take the worry out of taking care of your home and body. They make you feel prideful and safe each time you use them. Lets be real, there's already so much b.s in the world we want you to trust that we will not compromise when it comes to your health.


Adam, Taylor & Connie

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